Students’ real English communication needs have fuelled my creativity over the years.

I have taught English through publications, radio podcasting and personalized learning content, standard classroom teaching, after-school activities and company courses.

I find teaching to be creative and fun. I enjoy giving practical solutions to my language students’ learning needs.

I am grateful to all students that have made me into the teacher I am today.

What I Teach

I teach speaking and listening skills to help learners speak and understand English better, while building fluency and speech clarity.

Who I teach

I teach people who want to take their English SPEAKING skills to the next level and understand spoken English with ease and fluency.

Over the past 15 years I have specialized in teaching English to Spanish speakers.

How I teach

My focus is creating clarity and fluency for students in speaking and understanding English.

I specialize in using rhythm chants and song snippets I compose, along with other audio techniques for pronunciation, grammar and fluency training.

Online 1:1

Songs & Chants

Radio Podcast

Online Courses

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