How to say “aprovechar” in English (for Spanish speakers)

Aprovechar, aprovechar, aprovechar ...

The word “aprovechar” is a popular go-to expression in spoken Spanish. It’s used for a host of situations where English would use other ways of expression for the same idea.

The number of things “aprovechar” can mean in Spanish is pretty impressive. Let’s look at some examples:

  • aprovechar la oportunidad
  • aprovechar las sobras de la comida
  • aprovechar la situación para mejorar
  • aprovechar los recursos
  • aprovechar el buen tiempo

How do we say these in English?

Well, in English we need to be creative in a different way. We more often need to actually say what we are saying, and not swap to a one-size-fits-all solution.

So how do you do it?

Check what you are saying. Then pick the right word for the right situation.


  • aprovecha la oportunidad
  • aprovecha las sobras
  • aprovecha la situación para mejorar
  • aprovecha los recursos naturales
  • aprovecha el buen tiempo
  • take advantage of the opportunity
  • use the leftovers
  • learn from the situation
  • make good use of natural resources
  • enjoy the good weather
Gabor Legradi
Author: Gabor Legradi

I'm an English teacher with a background in linguistics and music.

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