Do you want to grow your Spanish business abroad?

I will show you how to turbo boost your Business Communication Skills for doing business worldwide.

Most Spanish speaking small business owners share the same three challenges in English.


As business owners they need English to grow, but they don’t feel self-confident when communicating in English. They often have trouble understanding spoken English, and their business clients can also find them hard to understand.


They keep thinking in their native language, which affects their English fluency because they are constantly translating from their first language. They don’t feel they have enough vocabulary to communicate their ideas with clarity.


They are missing business and career opportunities because their English is not up to the level where they would need it to be. They want to change this but they don’t know how to get there.

Hi, my name's Gábor

I am an English communication coach. I help businesses to become more successful abroad by mastering English communication skills.

Over the years I have created a learning program designed for Spanish speakers to help them become confidently fluent speakers of English.

Since 2005 I have helped hundreds of company staff and managers in a range of sectors to make the most of their English communication skills.

Speak English fluently, do business globally!

Become a competent global player in the English speaking business world.

Your business needs English

You have a business that you want to move across borders. You know you need to run successful meetings, deliver engaging presentations and socialize with business partners in English.

Knowing grammar and building vocabulary alone won’t take you there. What you need is focused training of your communications skills.

I am here to help you become a more competent  global player in the English speaking business world, so you can get all those international clients that your business deserves.

Empower yourself for success!

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