Speak English

with clear pronunciation and confident fluency

Build clarity and fluency in English!

To communicate effectively in spoken English, there is something you need in addition to grammar and vocabulary: 

you need to build clear pronunciation and good speech rhythm.

If you speak clearly, people will understand you easier, and you will be a more successful communicator. As simple as that.

As a bonus, working on your speaking you will also improve your listening skills and your ability to understand native or other advanced speakers of English.

Fluency comes with time and practice, but you need to practice the right way. Rhythm, pronunciation and intonation go hand in hand.

I am here to help you to become a confident, fluent speaker in English.

Hi, my name's Gábor

I’m an English teacher with a background in linguistics and music.

I specialize in pronunciation and speech training for improved clarity and fluency.

I have taught English for 20+ years.

What students say

Very well explained everything up to now, Gabor, good sound, nice voice, relaxing music in the background, it's a pleasure to learn English this way ! Really different and focusing on the goal that I always wanted to learn: understanding native people, movies, etc ;-).
Marcel (Spain)
Speech Toner course student
I've never learnt English in this way, these things. This is extremely useful!
Zoltán (Hungary)
Speech Toner course student
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