Speak English Fluently

Grow Your Business Globally

Your business needs English

You have a business that you want to move across borders. You know you need to run successful meetings, deliver engaging presentations and socialize with business partners in English.

Knowing grammar and building vocabulary alone won’t take you there. What you need is focused training of your communications skills.

I am here to help you become a more competent  global player in the English speaking business world, so you can get all those international clients that your business deserves.

Get in touch for more details and empower yourself for success!

Hi, my name's Gábor

I am an English communication coach. I help businesses become more successful internationally by mastering English communication skills.

My background is in linguistics and teaching.

Running training courses for Spanish speakers over the years inspired me to create a learning program, helping learners advance their language skills to become confidently fluent speakers of English.

Since 2005 I have helped company staff and managers in a range of sectors to make the most of their English communication skills.

I specialize in pronunciation and speech training for improved clarity and fluency.

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