Can fun make learning English easier?

Can humour help learning?

I believe it can.

Language jokes are a common tool used in language teaching.

Some of them are funnier, others maybe less.

If something looks or sounds “unusual”, it will be easier to remember. Then, it will be also easier to remember the thing (vocabulary, grammar point etc) that you found or practised in that humorous context.

Creating humour is a creative thing. And creativity is beneficial for thinking. And thinking is beneficial for learning and communication. 😀

1-Minute Tip ⏳

Occasionally you could look for alternative and fun ways of learning a grammar point or new vocabulary.

Humour can help you remember new language easier, such as grammar or vocabulary.

If you want, you can even invent your own fun mini-story or practice examples that you think will help you learn.

For example, some time ago I wrote a chant (song with no melody) for the practice of the Present Perfect negative.

I used absurd ideas to help learners work their way through the examples.

To make the mechanical feel less mechanical.

The examples are basically all absurd, with the repeated use of the Present Perfect negative.

The chant practises the function of the Present Perfect when it expresses experience (in this case lack of experience.)

You can listen to the song here.

This content is authentic and it is not AI generated. I write it for you based on my 20+ years of teaching experience.


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Talk to you next time. 🙂

Gábor 🙂

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