Free Yourself From Fear of Fault

What emotions do many of us associate with making mistakes in life? (school, job etc)

Usually worry, embarrassment, anxiety.

It is something we have developed all through our schooling and employment years.

There mistakes were/are usually not appreciated.

Depending on your job and responsibilities, repeated mistakes may cost you your job. No one wants that, understandably.

We adults don’t like making mistakes.

That is why so many people struggle with lack of confidence in speaking, and they prefer not to speak English in front of their colleagues or with native speakers.

Like the example of this student, who had the same problem, but was able to overcome it.

Why should we change this view?

Because every mistake we correct is like a new window that opens for more clarity. Correcting a mistake is another step ahead on the learning path.

A mistake corrected equals acquiring a new tool that helps to keep moving on.

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Now, the challenging part is that making mistakes while learning English will probably also trigger the same deep-seated emotional reflexes.

Because they are at a subconscious level.

You need to train your mind to dissociate these negative emotions from learning.

For language learning, replace fear and anxiety with gratitude.

Whenever you make a mistake in English (practising, studying, speaking etc), say “thank you” before you go about correcting it.

Be happy about it. Be grateful.

Mistakes are part of the building you are constructing: your English knowledge.

They’re not the main bricks, but they are necessary and useful components of your building process, that is, your learning.

The content I share with you is from my 20+ years teaching experience. I don’t use AI to compose or think for me.


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