How can staying in your comfort zone help you improve your grammar skills in English?

Do you want to improve your grammar but have little time for it?

Stay within your comfort zone and keep exploring English grammar there.

For instance, if you work in the robotics sector, you should feel the most comfortable speaking or using English in that area.

However, you may still need to improve certain grammar points.


1-Minute Tip ⏳

Now, to perfect your grammar, activate your “grammar radar” and make it work in your speciality area.

Next time you read an article or watch a video on robotics, don’t just do it for the content. Also keep an open eye to spot instances of those exact grammar points that you are interested in.

Do you need to better understand how the Passive Voice works?

Well, next time you read an article or watch a video on robotics, use your “grammar radar“ to pay attention and observe how the Passive Voice is used in that material.

Do you want to get clarity on the use of Prepositions?

Well, next time observe carefully the technical text you are reading and take notes of, underline or mark the parts where prepositions appear in that professional article on robotics.

The same goes for any professional field you might work in. After all a mini English grammar universe exists in any topic area.

You can learn a ton of things about English grammar simply by becoming a more sharp-eyed reader and viewer of the same materials you are using in your professional field anyway. No need to look outside.

  • You will be rewarded by faster progress in grammar because the concepts and technical vocabulary will already be familiar.
  • You will be able to focus on grammar skills development, and not be distracted by unfamiliar concepts and vocabulary.

Another benefit is that you can directly apply the grammar you are learning in your daily professional communication.

You will feel you’re doing something practical and useful.

A “micro-cosmos” of English grammar can be found inside any topic area.

After all, English works more or less the same way in any the topic. The vocabulary will be different depending on the topic area, but the “way of thinking”, pronunciation and the fluency skills needed will be kind of the same.

What is harder in English is to learn the way English works and “thinks”, and how that is reflected in its grammar structures.

You can master a great part of that within your comfort zone, and as you experience improvement, you can stay motivated.

This content is authentic and it is not AI generated.

I write these weekly tips for you because I enjoy sharing techniques that I have seen work for my students through my 20+ years of teaching experience.


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