How to learn English with no talent for languages

Do you think you find it hard to learn English because you (think you) lack talent for learning languages?

If this is how you feel, you’re one of many who say “I’m not really good at languages”.

For instance, I heard the same from an energy consultant expert recently. In the past he had worked abroad where he used English on a daily basis.
Yet, he referred to himself as “non-gifted” for learning languages.

Guess what: your language talent is not what matters the most for success.

You have learnt how to speak your 1st language(s) quite well, haven’t you?

Are you able to understand and use a wide range of vocabulary, with conventionally correct grammar and pronunciation in your 1st language?
Can you understand other speakers in your 1st language?
Can you easily tell if a speaker is a native or non-native speaker of your mother language?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then you have the “talent” you need for learning languages, just like most people in the world.
Because in reality, instead of talent, we’re dealing more with existing abilities here, which need to be developed into skills.

1-Minute Tip ⏳
Once you understand it is not your “lack of language talent” you should worry about in order to master the English skills you need, you may ask yourself: then what is it?
For foreign language mastery as an adult, you need a clear objective and motivation to get started, and guidance and discipline to keep going and succeed.
If your language learning has not been successful, then check how you have been learning or taught.

It is not about talent. It is about finding the right method for your professional goals and personal aptitudes.

The task of your language coach is to work it out with you and for you, and guide you on the way.

Once you have these in place, your worry about talent or no talent will become a thing of the past.

👋 Hi, I’m Gábor

I help senior business owners build confident fluency to master effective communication in English.
I don’t use AI to think or write for me. The content I share with you is based on my 20+ years of teaching experience.

Talk to you next time. 🙂

Gábor 🙂

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