Createnglish Podcasts

My monthly 30-minute podcast aired on Ripollet Radio 91.3 FM covering diverse topics with interviews, including guides on English grammar and vocabulary use, pronunciation training, learning tips and other goodies.

Learn new vocabulary and improve your comprehension skills while practising pronunciation and grammar points at the same time!

Listening to the podcasts alone is a great start for learning, but make sure you also check out my notes and extra practice exercises for each episode to give yourself a more complete learning experience. Get started now!

Createnglish Podcast notes_January 2023

In this episode we find answers to: How to practise individual speaking to improve fluency Vocabulary and pronunciation (solar energy vocabulary) How to give your opinion in a meeting (expressions for formal and everyday uses) LISTEN ON Check the podcast notes below to improve your English

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Createnglish Podcast notes November 2022

In this episode we find answers to: The difference between “used to” and “usually” How to find the right pronunciation of past tense regular verbs in English that end in “-ed” How to expand our vocabulary and remember new words for longer LISTEN ON Check the

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Createnglish Podcast notes_ October 2022

How are business ideas often born? Many times there is a void in some service or product area that people need a solution for. So there comes someone who sees the opportunity and creates a service or product idea to solve that need. In this podcast

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Createnglish Podcast notes_October 2021

Createnglish 2021 October: In this episode we are focusing on the following language learning points: 1) One minute grammar: “used to” versus “usually” 2) Present Perfect for experience (no experience) – a Grammar Chant with 3rd form of verbs 3) Small talk theory – Part 2 4)

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Createnglish Podcast notes_September 2021

Createnglish 2021 September: In this episode we are focusing on the following language learning points: 1) One minute students’ question: “to infinitive” or “-ing” (stop/remember) – 01:48 min.2) Family block – The leaves on the tree (a song) – 06:00 min.3) Small talk theory – 16:35 min.4) Some

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