Pronounce it better, understand it easier

We want to understand English more easily.
What do most people think they need for that?
Lots of listening exercises, watching films, series, and listening to talks and songs.


This is an obvious answer. And it’s essential, though there’s more you can do for better results.
In order to improve your listening comprehension skills faster, you will also need to work on your pronunciation.


Doing lots of listening exercises alone can quite soon frustrate most people who have very little free time to study anyway.
If they’re not doing the right thing and the right way, listening practice can easily become a drag.


What if I tell you that in order to train your ears, you should focus on your mouth just the same?


1-Minute Tip ⏳

To train your ears for comprehension skills, make sure you also work on your pronunciation.


Because training your speaking and pronunciation will teach you a lot about the sounds in English.

If you pronounce things with the right sounds, your ears will be expecting to hear those sounds back from other speakers. Consequently, you will recognize those sounds and understand the words.


On the flip side, if the way you pronounce things is very different from the way native speaker speak, you will keep struggling with understanding them, because your ears will be conditioned by false expectations.
You will expect things to sound in a way that advanced or native speakers don’t use.


In English, pronunciation is key to developing a trained ear.
Clear and trained pronunciation will not only improve your comprehension skills, but it will also make you into a better speaker, projecting a more professional image.


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