Pronounce long words easily

Long words.

Confused how to pronounce them?

No worries.

Long words are simply made up of more small bits than shorter words. That’s it. 👇

1-Minute Tip ⏳

Of all the bits (syllables), there is always ONE which is louder than the rest.

Take for instance “availability” in “What’s your availability for next week?

Let’s count the bits: a-vai-la-bil-i-ty

Six small bits.

In other words: six syllables.

How to say them without difficulty?

Think of long jumpers in athletics. 💡

Long jumpers run and run on the runway until they reach the takeoff point, where they leap as far as they can to complete the jump.

Same thing with “availaBILity”

Your takeoff point is: “BIL”

  • “availa is your runway

  • “BIL” is your takeoff point

  • “ity” is your jump

Focus on “BIL”. That is where the main stress falls.

“BIL” is the loudest bit.

Watch this short video about today’s tip with examples 🎯

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