Why do most language learners struggle with understanding spoken English?


Listening comprehension is one of the most challenging areas that learners of English have to deal with.

Students often think that this is mostly because they don’t have enough vocabulary to understand native speakers.

However, this is often not the main reason.

In this lesson I’m going to explain why rhythm in speech in English is so important for understanding speakers and for knowing how to train your ear the right way.

If you train your ear the right way, you will have better results in shorter time.

Watch the video below for the explanation through examples of how rhythm in works in spoken English.

Understanding this is key in order to know one of the main things you need to pay attention to for training.

There are other key components such as pronunciation (sound production), word and sentence stress and a couple of others that this video does not cover.

Enjoy the video lesson! If you have any questions DM me on LinkedIn.

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