How to get out of the “I don’t have time to study and practise” cycle

One serious constraint for adults learning a foreign language is time.

If you live in a country where English is not the language spoken in the street, then your learning experience will obviously be different than if you live in an English speaking country.

This is where time management comes into play.

A lot of people say “Well, I don’t have enough time for studying and practising, you know.”

Truth is: as adults we usually have no time for anything, unless we make time for it.

And this is kind of an individual challenge for each person because we all have our daily schedule and routine and we somehow need to fit in studying if we want to improve.

We need to fit in practising English if we want to advance. There’s no other way.

But, we find it hard to make time and manage it.

In my experience, once we know what we want to achieve, it is easier to find the time and take action.

Of course, we need to look for ways, but if clarity about the reason is not there, it will be even harder to get organized.

So, first get clear on why you want to improve your English. Pencil down a “My goal” note to remember.

For instance, you need it for your job, or you need it to advance in your career or for your studies or travelling. Whatever.

Try to get as specific as possible. (You can always tweak it later on).


1-Minute Tip ⏳

You must have a clear idea why you want to improve English and invest time into it.

Once you have that, keep it in mind. Read your “My goal” note a few times during the week to remember if that helps.

This can make it easier to stay focused and keep the momentum and motivation.

If you know where you’re going it’s easier to keep going.

Create a schedule. Put in into the week’s calendar and stick to it (as much as possible).

What can you temporarily cut down or stop doing in order to set aside time for English?

You may need to sacrifice some other activity or time slot.

Learning is more than applying a bunch of techniques.

There are also important mindset and behavioural factors that determine how successful we are at learning eventually.

If you need help figuring out the best learning route for you, let me know to see how I can best help you.

This content is authentic and it is not AI generated. I write it for you based on my 20+ years of teaching experience.


👋 Hi, I’m Gábor.

I am an expert English pronunciation and speech fluency trainer. I facilitate English business communication between Spanish speakers and the world.

Talk to you next time 🙂

Gábor 🙂

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