How to recover learning motivation when it dips

So let’s talk about motivation.

In my vocabulary motivation is the source of energy that keeps you going.

Kind of like the fuel or battery in your car that keeps it running.

Let’s face it: learning motivation can dip over time.

How to define and safeguard motivation for learning English?

Step 1

Ask yourself an honest question: Why am I learning English?

It’s a simple question. Give a simple answer as a starting point.

Whatever your reason for learning English, write it down or think about it for a second and define it.

For instance:

  • Because it’s fun and I like it.
  • Because it’s a free training at my workplace.
  • Because I want a new job position in a multinational company.
  • Because I want to sell my product better in foreign markets.
  • Because I need to take an English exam.
  • Because …

Step 2

Now look at your answer(s) through a “goal” filter. Does your answer or answers work as a goal?

Pick the one(s) that are goals, not just momentary emotional states.

For instance, “because it’s fun and I like it” or “because it’s a free training at my workplace” are OK as reasons, but not as goals.

Wanting to get a job position or expanding your business abroad sound more like concrete goals.

Once your reason passed the test of the “goal filter”, you are good to go.


1-Minute Tip ⏳

All you need then is to keep the motivation alive.

Remind yourself periodically yourself of your goal. It’s as simple as that.

Is it easy? Of course it isn’t! Simple things are often hard to do.

Motivation dips sometimes. It happens.

When a car runs low on fuel, what do we do? We drive to a filling station and refuel.

When motivation drops, you can “refill” by reminding yourself of your goal. The stronger the emotional presence, the easier it should be to bounce back.

But then, what if a car runs out of petrol completely?

That’s when we call the road assistance number for: a tow truck.

What if you feel you have run out of motivation completely?

That’s when you call a somewhat different “road assistance number” for: discipline.

Yes, discipline is the name of the game when motivation is temporarily out of reach.

Which brings us to the topic of time management we talked about in the previous newsletter lesson.

I hope putting these two concepts in practice can help you keep motivated and advance.

If you need expert help figuring out the best learning route for you, let me know so I can see how to best help you.

This content is authentic and it is not AI generated. I write it for you based on my 20+ years of teaching experience.


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Talk to you next time 🙂

Gábor 🙂

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