I think, I think, I think – Spice up the ways you give your opinion

In a meeting we have different conversational roles. We express our opinion. We agree. We disagree, we suggest things etc.

As matter of fact, we do exactly the same in most conversations.

What may vary are the phrases we use.

In informal conversations we tend to use “I think” as the most common phrase to indicate that we are going to express an opinion.

In formal conversations I recommend using other forms as well.

Only to give variety to the use of language.


1-Minute Tip ⏳

When you have an opinion about something, or an idea you want to share, the most common way to say that is “I think”, right?

But there are other options.

It’s nice to speak with a wider range of vocabulary.

A simple thing you can do is for example add “actually” before “think”.

This emphasizes contrast between what you are going to say and what somebody else has said before.

You can say “I really think”. This “really” emphasize that your opinion is a strong opinion.

It gives more importance to your opinion.

Here’s a familiar one: “in my opinion”.

This one is quite an obvious alternative.

It means, you don’t use the two together: “I think in my opinion” is a redundant combination of two expressions that mean the same.

Use either one, but not both at the same time.

Another phrase: “as far as I know”.

This one is not so much about your opinion only. It makes reference to a certain experience and knowledge.

This next one is rather formal: “to my mind”.

It means: “I think”.

But it’s used in more formal contexts.

A less formal expression would be: “the way I see it”.

This one can be used in everyday contexts too.

“I’m convinced” is also a good one.

Instead of saying “I think” when you really think that something is in a certain way, you can express that with “I’m convinced that …”.

I hope this helps to give you some variety of options next time you are in a company business meeting.

Good luck.

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