Learning English with AI – Will AI retire language teachers and language schools?

How will AI transform learning languages?

Many of us dream of learning languages in an easy way.

Students sometimes comment is class jokingly that they would appreciate a language chip to be installed or somehow the language knowledge be uploaded into their brain.

That shows they would rather spend their precious time on something else than learning English.

If used wisely, AI can help you advance faster in learning thanks to:

  • its ability to search for and organize information
  • its ability to create different learning resources in formats of your choice
  • its availability as a personal language tutor and corrector 24/7 (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation etc)
  • its availability as a speaking partner when you need

among other capabilities.

You can use AI to tailor your learning experience to your preferences and taste.

What can AI not do for you?

The one thing AI cannot do is to learn for you.

As of now, there seems to be no other way to learn English than to actually put in the work and learn it.

We may have high hopes for AI to be the piece that was missing to make this easy learning dream come true.

It’s like it would be so nice to be fit or build muscles without having to get up from the couch.

Sounds like day-dreaming to me …


1-Minute Tip ⏳

Commitment to studying, practising, reviewing etc will still be left to you, the learner.

Learning is about you doing the work. No one else can do it for you.

Just like your personal gym coach cannot lift the weights for you. If they do, their muscles will grow, not yours.

In my opinion AI will reshape the role of teachers and schools in language teaching. In a way, I believe it will raise the quality in teaching.

But AI will will not replace our learning: our time and commitment to learning will determine how much we can make of the incredible features AI offers for language learning.

Technology is modern. Yet, the way our brain learns is still old-school. Just like in our grand grandparents’ time and even before.

To strengthen new neuro connections in the brain, repeated input is needed. For that to happen, our active presence is key.

Learning with the help of AI is a fascinating topic.

I guess we will see amazing developments in the near future.

How are you using AI for learning? Share your experience in the comments. 👇

This content is authentic and it is not AI generated.

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